Carpet is one of the most common choices of flooring in a home. Which is why we make an extra effort to stay on top of our abilities to leave you with ‘The Cleanest Experience’ when itcomes to cleaning up messes, general maintenance, health and appearance, or any other reason you may have for wanting your carpets feeling fresh and fluffy.

Carpet has a tendency to absorb dirt from the air and our everyday activities. It acts as a filter for our home, and just like any fabric it has the ability to hold onto grime of many kinds including dander, environmental allergens like pollen, dust mites, dead skin cells, and whatever else our families may be tracking in on a daily basis.

This is why we recommend flushing your carpets periodically throughout the year with a deep steam cleaning to extract and remove these unwanted particles. This is why many residents in Porter Ranch, Valencia, Simi Valley, Westlake, and Thousand Oaks have asked us to set them up with cleanings every 4-6 months and up to 12, which keeps everything running and feeling great!

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  • PRE-VACUUM: This picks up 70% of the Dry Soil in your carpets, so that we aren’t creating mud when we move to the next step
  • PRECONDITION: Using Industrial Strength EPA safe ingredients to emulsify down the oil based stains, urine, pet stains, and foot traffic from daily use
  • DWELL: Let the Pre-Conditioner dwell for 15 minutes
  • PRE-AGITATION: *This step depends on the soil level and is rarely called for (reserved for only the worst conditions)
  • CLEAR THE PATH: We move small, lite to medium items during the cleaning process if necessary (Carpet steam cleaning is mainly focused on the areas commonly walked on or used by us and our pets)
  • STEAM EXTRACTION - Extremely hot water with a diluted rinse is used to flush out all of the dirt, grime, buildup, blood, grease ,oil, impurities and pet stains that gets locked into our carpet fibers
  • DRY TIME - 4 to 24 hours is the typical dry time depending on other factors such as airflow, how long you can keep everyone from walking on it, weather conditions, etc)
  • PRESCHEDULE FUTURE CLEANINGS - most of our customers don’t want to think about planning each cleaning throughout the year. We make a customized recommendation on how long you should wait between your cleaning periods, but typically it is between 4-6 months. It’s amazing how much filth is hiding in our carpet. It acts as an oversized filter for the air in our homes, not to mention grease, grime, soot, our feet, skin cells, and pets. We can set up our consecutive appointments with you before we leave your home for the first cleaning so that you don’t have to think about it. When it’s time for your next appointment, we will give a courtesy reminder and arrange a time. It’s as easy as that!

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With residential and commercial cleanings there are great options for lower moisture tools and products. Depending on the soil levels and levels of activity throughout the location. Steam cleaning is not the only option so if there is a moisture concern we have solutions. If we are steam cleaning then it’s the same recommendations as residential cleaning. Give it 4-24 hours to dry with as much ventilation and air movement as possible. Keeping residents or office personnel off of the freshly cleaned floors can help speed up dry time as well.

Take a look at our proprietary pricing model on our pricing page to see how we determine each job individually. We have the most fair and simple method for pricing out each project to make sure we are able to give you high quality results at a value you will be happy with.

Absolutely, after getting your carpets freshly cleaned you want to protect your valuable asset with a quality protector that prevents common food and drink accidents!

We recommend waiting until the carpet is completely dry which can take 4 - 24 hours. But we fully understand that you may need to access specific rooms in your home, so it's best to minimize the traffic and keep the fibers fluffy for as long as possible without matting them down with footprints or furniture.

It's best to wait until the carpet and floors are completely dry and/or we can assist with putting lite to medium items back with protective furniture tabs.

Carpet and fabrics are very similar because they both act as filters for your interior air. So anything that you would find in your air conditioning filter or is floating around your home gets absorbed into these furniture that acting as secondary filters for your home(or accidental filters). Hard floors also get buildup over time that should be stripped down and/or buffed out to improve appearance and feel. Some flooring needs protectors reapplied after cleaning to shield them from normal wear tear 4-6 months and up to 12.

No, we are not a restoration company. We specialize in cleaning, maintaining, and protecting/sealing most types of flooring and fabrics.

Yes, we are well known in different circles of commercial relationships and we focus on regular, predictable maintenance programs that are built for the property managers or maintenance departments needs, as well as our recommendations for how often and to what extent these assets need to be maintained or protected with industrial cleaners and sealers.

We are fans of using as low moisture as possible since it speeds up dry time and reduces risks of moisture hanging around too long which can cause safety risks, odors, etc. So first we address each job and use just enough moisture to get the job done. Our low moisture options range from encapsulating powders to foams, to full liquids for deeper extractions.

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