Greg’s Carpet Care is a higher end carpet care company that delivers quality results with a trustworthy relationship. We call it ‘The Cleanest Experience’.

Along with this belief structure and focus, we have a pricing model that has taken us over 30 years to figure out. A well balanced series of really simple math.

We’ve attempted complex models to find the best pricing but at the end of the day we want it all to make sense and to be simple for both us and our clients.

How itWorks

We’ll spare you the actual math but here’s how it works in a nutshell. Since our homes and offices have a lot of dead space we’ve decided not to charge for those areas if they don’t need deep cleaning.

Let’s lay it out by steps:
First you call to get a rough estimate or to schedule a house call so we can give you a quote. Next our commercial sized truck shows up on time for the appointment. We greet each other and have a quick chat and maybe a laugh to warm things up. Then we walk the property or residence.

We are looking for specific indicators like;

Next we measure using a laser device to find the dimensions of the rooms or furniture. We are of course writing all of this down as we go. Once we have all of this information we estimate the percentages of the rooms that we are cleaning to find the fair square footage. Then we take about 15 minutes to do some math based on all these measurements.

Once we find the final price then we share with you. If we need to add or subtract areas we are cleaning or the types of cleaning we are doing, then we make those adjustments together.

At this point we have a finished estimate and you make the decision to schedule. We get you in touch with our office manager and co-owner, Susie, and she gets you setup in the schedule.

When the date arrives we show up to do what we do best!

If you have any further questions on this process, feel free to give us a call and we’ll sort those out quickly!

Questions? Susie can answer those quickly

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