history Starting out as a one man company in 1983, Greg Young began his career by steam cleaning apartments as renters moved out as well as residential homes in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Through creative marketing, high quality work, and a focus on giving clients ‘The Cleanest Experience’ he soon had to buy more trucks and hire on more technicians. While Susie ran the office logistics, Greg coordinated his teams and went out on his own jobs, never losing touch with his client base.

Through a series of growth phases Greg and Susie decided to actually downsize the company to keep the focus on the customer. Size and quantity have an affect on quality and this is one of the key focuses for Greg’s Carpet, Fabric, and Floor Care Co. After over 30 years of serving the Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Conejo regions he is now down to one single truck. Greg and one assistant technician personally service all of their clients through great teamwork, scheduling, and experience. It’s not just a business, it’s a passion and cornerstone of their family. Which is why it is 100% family run.


Located in Porter Ranch, Greg’s Carpet Care, has a large client base that keeps them close to home. The vision is to continue to grow and serve the clients located in local areas so that we don’t have to send the truck too far from home base. It’s a better quality life for our team and happens to help us serve our clients at a higher level by staying local.

We know their area, the shopping, hangout spots,restaurants and patterns of our local cities. Conversations are enjoyable and we since it’s a small world in Porter Ranch we tend to share common friends or favorite activities. Being in business after 30 years we know that it’s better for our clients for us to be able to quickly integrate into their circle of trust and reliability. We are counted on by so many individuals in the community and we love that.

Our philosophy is that continued care keeps everything running smoother. In carpet, fabric and floor cleaning that means that we focus on our 3 activities of cleaning, protecting, and maintaining for longevity, quality of life, and health. We believe that our homes and buildings can either be a great place for us to spend our time, or they can be a toxic environment. Keeping up on maintenance of the natural filters around us that we contact everyday is a step in the direction of taking care of our personal environments.

One goal of ours over the next 10 years is to build more commercial property relationships so that we can expand how many companies we are serving in the area. We have amazing clients and contracts as of now but there is always room for growth in these areas.

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We've been in buisness for over 30 years. We've put in the time to be great at what we do. Combine that with passion ans it creates The Cleanest Experience!


Every refined process comes form repetition, Testing and experience Since we have all of that out of the way, we not only have the skills but we also have the tools to get the job done.For us, it's just another day doing what we love.


There is a PH balance to cleaning, protecting and maintaining it bery much so can be an art in knowing exactly how carpet, floors, or fabrics react to different temperature of water ans safe cleaning products. It takes years of experience as well as developing skills to clean protect and maintain vour floors or fabrics.

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