2 to 24 hours depending on soil conditions, humidity, and proper ventilation

We will move small to medium items and we ask that you help us prepare by picking up personal items. We can get under most large items that have enough room for our tools to comfortably fit, without damaging your furniture

Yes, we regularly clean most upholstered items. If you have special requests or questions about your specific furniture, please give us a call

Yes we do! We highly recommend getting your mattress cleaned twice per year to eliminate the buildup and feeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, and allergens.

We sure do. We can clean Area Rugs at your location, or pick up your rugs to be cleaned at our offsite Rug Plant. The type of cleaning will depend on the quality, condition, and material of your rugs.

Absolutely, we recommend once or twice per year to keep buildup from happening on both your tile and grout.

Yes, due to the high demand of this trendy flooring we approach these flooring types with lower moisture cleaning options w/ fantastic results. Keeping buildup from collecting is key.

We do clean and buff hardwood floors to minimize the buildup that happens from improper cleaning products, as well as to enhance the natural beauty of the flooring. Our focus is to rid the floor of the damaging particulates that eventually will require a recoat/refinish, which is best to avoid prematurely.

We do clean and seal most stone. Maintain the luster and striking beauty of your natural stone with a cleaning regiment and proper product to care for your specific stone type.

We recommend delegating that to a Floor Restoration Company, which we can refer you to. Please call or email us so that we can connect you.

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