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Greg Young


From a young age, Greg was inspired to start his own business. At the ripe age of 21 Greg’s Carpet, Floor, and Fabric Care was born. It went through multiple name iterations but Greg had a vision. With over 35 years of business ownership and experience in the same industry he has seen and tried virtually everything under the sun. Trust, Integrity, Respect, and Communication are defining characteristics of Greg’s personality. He’s focused on spreading positive messages and building lasting relationships as he understands deeply that they are one of the most important aspects to life. When he’s not servicing clients you can find him spending time with his family outdoors hiking with their 3 loving pups, hanging at the beach, or wakeboarding at Lake Nacimiento!

Susie Young


Married to Greg since just after the inception of Greg’s company, Susie has been a backbone to the business. She handles client communication, scheduling, and deals with the office side of the business while balancing 3 adorable kids and their active lifestyles. Clients love speaking with her and she has a connection with so many of them. We’re still trying to figure out how she does it. A super woman no doubt. When she’s out of the office you’ll find her hosting family get togethers, inviting the kids friends over for fun days at the beach, running errands, or asking if you’ve had enough to eat. A special being to spend time around any day of the week!

Scott Sweet


Family owned and operated, Scott is a brother to Susie who’s maiden name is Sweet. Scott is a hard worker and a joy to be around on a daily basis. His schedule rotates so don’t be surprised if he isn’t on your job that day. He’s an avid runner and traveler. In his past he spent years in the travel industry and decided that working with family would be a fun venture. When he’s not on location with Greg’s Carpet you’ll find him running half marathons as a warmup and hiking trails that should not be humanly possible. An inspiring individual and a huge bonus to the family!

Spencer Wight


Mentored by Greg from the ripe age of 15, Spencer started in the industry young. He’s spunky and has positive energy that he loves to spread throughout his day. Notorious for falling asleep in between jobs during the drive to the next location, he earned a reputation for a napper in his early teens. Greg and Susie have watched him outgrow those youngster habits and now in his late 20’s has been instilled with the high standards for treating clients with respect and doing a quality job while never cutting corners. Like Scott, he is on a flexible schedule and may or may not be there the day of your cleaning. When he’s not working he’s traveling to other countries to explore, surfing, or reading a good book!

What we’re known for

  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Respectful
  • Experience

The most common compliments we get are centered around our appearance, attitude, and trustworthiness. After one or two cleanings with clients it isn’t surprising for them to leave us a key or way to get into their location while they run errands. We don’t ever suggest it from our end, but at the choice and request of our clients this happens often. Again, just speaking to how the community trusts us. We believe that you get what you put out there, and we have great rapport, trust, and belief in those around us and it gets returned tenfold.

We’re also best known for the quality of work and experience that we provide. We don’t offer cheap deals like $99 per room for carpet cleaning because we believe in a personalized concierge style approach for our clients, which ends up allowing us to work with our desired clients who are more focused on quality. Our clients are willing to maintain their health and lifestyle. We’re proud that we have earned this business and it’s what the community knows us for.

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