historyMost of our clients are great about maintaining their homes on a daily or weekly basis. This usually means vacuuming floors, wiping down or vacuuming fabrics, and cleaning the surface of their hard floors.

Even with this high level of cleanliness our upholstered furniture acts as filters for our homes. 24/7 and 365 days per year particles are moving around our personal spaces and settled on surfaces or being absorbed into our belongings that act as air filters (especially with A/C units or fans circulating the air so often in Porter Ranch, Simi Valley, Valencia and surrounding areas).

Even if you are cleaning your floors and home daily, this furniture still traps dust, dirt, spots, stains, dead skin cells, and other bacteria from daily living. This means that anytime your family sits on the furniture you’re coming in contact with this buildup. Those who are prone to allergies can be especially sensitive to these particulates.

Besides the appearance of a freshly cleaned couch, armchair, patio furniture, or mattress it’s also a healthy lifestyle approach to get these regularly steam cleaned to kill bacteria. After steam cleaning, our vacuum systems extract the waste through hoses that lead back to the truck to be disposed of at the end of our workday. Literally flushing away your problems!

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At Greg’s Carpet, Floor & Fabric Care we offer quality cleaning that will keep your furniture looking great. Using the latest available tools and equipment we:

  • Inspect the upholstery and determine the best approach for the fabric type
  • Pre-vacuum & pre-condition
  • Spot treat any problem areas
  • Deep clean your upholstery with products you can trust
  • Inspect the upholstery with you to make sure you are completely satisfied
  • Maximum extraction for minimal dry time
  • Brushed for a professionally groomed appearance


Office fabrics and upholsteries need deep cleaning and refreshing just like any commercial building asset. Since this furniture is being used in lobbies, hallways, offices, staff rooms, dining areas, and pools. It sees more action than many other areas in your commercial/industrial space. It’s important to keep this well maintained because it’s cheaper to maintain than to keep replacing over and over. We have custom maintenance plans to help you maximize the life of your purchases. Keeping your tenants, management, and employees all happy because everything looks great, feels good, and costs are reduced in the long run. We have been working with commercial properties for over 30 years and have a long history of contracts. We’re especially looking to help more commercial building clients in the Porter Ranch, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake, and Valencia locations as they expand and add more retail/industrial structures. To find out more or to book a time for us to tour your property, give us a call and we will take care of you.


For over 35 years Porter Ranch businesses and residents have turned to the experts at Greg’s Carpet, Floor & Fabric Care. We also happily service surrounding areas like:

  • Conejo Valley
  • Moorpark
  • Simi Valley
  • Valencia
  • Westlake Village
  • Thousand Oaks
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Depending on the size of the upholstered item(s) or how many pieces of furniture/upholstery we are doing, it takes a minimum of 1 hour for the smallest jobs and can take as long as needed from there. We’ve had jobs that spanned multiple days due to the quantity of items being cleaned and protected.

Similar to carpet dry time, it takes anywhere from a few hours to 1 day to dry depending on factors like airflow, season, temperature, and what the actual upholstered item is. An exterior patio cushion is going to dry quicker than an interior couch typically. But again, it depends on those other factors.

Take a look at our proprietary pricing model on our pricing page to see how we determine each job individually. We have the most fair and simple method for pricing out each project to make sure we are able to give you high quality results at a value you will be happy with.

Carpet and fabrics are very similar because they both act as filters for your interior air. So anything that you would find in your air conditioning filter or is floating around your home gets absorbed into these natural furniture filters

Yes, we are well known in different circles of commercial relationships and we focus on regular, predictable maintenance programs that are built for the property managers or maintenance departments needs, as well as our recommendations for how often and to what extent these assets need to be maintained or protected with industrial sealers.

Glad you asked. Mattresses are one of the most under-cleaned items in our life and yet we spend 8 hours per day laying on them...every single day of our lives. Dead skin, mites, dust, and other microscopic particles get filtered and trapped by mattresses and can cause allergies, rashes, or general health concerns. We highly encourage getting your mattress cleaned at least once per year, and if you’re really wanting to be on top of your family's health, then multiple times per year.

We are fans of using as low moisture as possible since it speeds up dry time and reduces risks of moisture hanging around too long. So first we address each job and use just enough moisture to get the job done. Our low moisture options range from encapsulating powders to foams, to full liquids for deeper extractions.

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